Two of my kids have gone to Edison and I couldn't be happier with our experience. Teacher Ann is a top-notch educator and seems to have a sixth sense for what a kid needs. All the teachers have always been kind, attentive and enthusiastic. They lots of fun activities for the kids like music and athletics, and holiday parties that parents can attend. They also have a flexible schedule for drop-off and pick-up which is super-great.

Our 4 year old daughter went to this school for a year and I wish we started her there earlier. She woke up each morning excited to see her friends and Teacher Jackie.   We couldn't be happier. She learned something new at circle time every morning and she engaged in a wide variety of educational and fun activities throughout the day, including a map of the world, monthly calendar, word boxes, the hundred board and the bead box.  My daughter loves music and she learned a lot through songs with Teacher Jackie and also enjoyed Friday's music with James Henry.  We attended some special occasion events at the school and were very impressed with all of the teachers there.

We wish our daughter could have stayed at the school longer, but she started public school transitional kindergarten this year.  We will certainly enroll our son as soon as possible.

My daughter started when she just turned 2 with Teacher Ann and Teacher Melissa.  She really loves the school and grown in her 5 months there.  Edison has nice activities that parents attend (Halloween parade, Thanksgiving feast, etc) and the outdoor space is great.  I like the Montessori curriculum and my daughter enjoys her 'jobs'.

My youngest daughter spent 2 great years here with Teacher Jackie and Lordis.

I had just moved to the area, and as a single working full time father  had to find something quick.  Edison to the Rescue.  While I put my daughter in because it was the first school I found with space, it turned out being a great decision.

She did very well in this environment.  Her teachers deeply cared for the kids, and my little girls was more than ready for elementary school when she left.  Not to mention their extended hours allowed me to get work done and keep food on the table.

So, 5 years later with my little girl entering middle school - I just wanted to write and say Thank You to Edison.  I will always remember those special years.  And the little moments like circle time.  The day you brought snow into the back yard.  Graduation day.


Our daughter has been at Edison for the past two years, and the open environment has allowed her to thrive. The teachers here are wonderful, and they get to know all of the kids at the school, in all of the classes.

I moved my child here from another daycare. I was afraid how the move would have affected her, but I have to say that she has been great, well cared for and happy. The teachers are attentive and kind.

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