750_500_csupload_12068104Edison Montessori School is dedicated to supporting each child’s growth and development.  Each child is recognized for their individuality and is encouraged to develop according to their own inner growth pattern.  Edison’s environment is arranged in a way to allow the children to have the freedom to move and explore within their environment.  Hands-on materials give concrete experiences.  Interaction among a loving staff and other children help their social skills.  Experiences of trial and error help them to understand logical sequences of events.  Edison is dedicated to nurturing a well-rounded child that has high self esteem and a joy of learning.

Educational Goals

Our educational goals at Edison Montessori School are aimed at:
  1. Providing a warm and accepting environment in which each child will feel secure, respected, motivated and loved
  2. Providing a lively and enriched learning environment which challenges the child to become an active explorer and learner as well as to enjoy the learning process and activities.
  3. Providing an integrated academic, social, and cognitive program which promotes the growth of each child in all spheres.
  4. Developing within the child a sense of him/herself as an independent, self-motivated learner able to identify their own learning needs as well as take direction from the teachers.
  5. Providing an integrated program which supports and strengthens the self-esteem of the child.
  6. Assisting each child in developing interpersonal and social skills necessary for peer relationships, meaningful friendships and the ability to interact easily with a wide variety of people and situations.
  7. Providing art and social experiences which enhance the child’s creativity and encourage their ongoing exploration of art processes and activities.
  8. Assisting children, families, and teachers in working closely together to support their own individual growth and the growth of the school community as well as the growth of the child.
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